Terms and Conditions:

Certification will only be awarded once final payment has been received.

Accreditation is not automatic.

Cancellation and refund Policy: I understand that I have (7) seven days to cancel this agreement and have a 100% of
my deposit refunded. Thereafter, I understand that there is a minimum non-refundable cancellation fee of 35% (thirtyfive
percent) per training package. I agree that this is a reasonable fee, necessary for covering the expenses that True
Awakenings incurs in order to make the training a valuable learning experience for me. I understand that prior to
attending this training I may have telephone access to coaches and trainers who are available to assist me in the event
that I need such assistance, in preparation for this training. The cancellation fee makes these trainers available to me.
If I cancel a training, I will be refunded any amount I have paid in excess of the cancellation fee for that training. There
are some exceptions. The agreement is not binding until approved by True Awakenings. I acknowledge and understand
that the non-refundable cancellation fee may only be applied to a future training with True Awakenings valid for (1)
one year from the enrolment agreement.

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