I would highly recommend this course to any organisation that is serious about investing in its people and see the added benefit of improved performance. The course covers both teamwork as well as individual sessions. Individuals are enabled to overcome their challenges/fears/anxieties which results in personal growth and development. This has a positive effect in the work-place where the perceived barriers to success are removed, resulting in improved bottom-line results. This we have witnessed as well as a positive lift in morale within my team. They are encouraged to challenge their perception and put goals and actions in place to get the results they desire.

Cheryl Wheeler

Commercial Manager, East Coast Radio

In my experience as both a sales trainer and sports coach, individuals seldom outperform or underperform their self-image for very long. Regardless of what new skills, techniques and processes individuals learn, their self-image eventually regulates behaviours and outcomes to fall within the range of self-expectation. Adjusting your staff’s self-image is at the core of them improving performance, enjoyment and fulfilment in their roles.

I have seen first hand the impact Anneme is having working with individuals to adjust their self-image. Her training and expertise in identifying what self-limiting beliefs individuals have and how they can go about resetting these beliefs have a direct impact on their performance. It’s a simple principle, yet requires complex analysis. Anneme has a nonjudgmental warmth and understanding that nurtures clients into forming new, more empowering beliefs.

Anneme is very gifted at allowing people to let down their guard, identify the beliefs that no longer serve them, and opens them up to the process of change. Anneme can add significant value to any company wise enough to appreciate the impact of self-worth and the role it plays in the success of their organisation.

Roy Hawker

Director, Hawker Media

I have always been a confident & successful person.  I was called to coaching and had an interesting journey to start with Anneme and cannot believe the positive changes in my life in such a short time. I have a successful business and am now expanding the revenue stream and going back to areas I only dreamt I could work in.  I am opening a Wellness & Career coaching business and cannot wait to take it to great heights.  I can’t wait to become a part of Anneme’s dream to heal the world.


Jenny Reid

CEO, iFacts

Being adopted was always a battle for me going up. The constant teasing and belittling at school have stayed with me throughout my life.

This became very evident when I married an adopted man whom I fell deeply in love with and experienced how his adoption was handled by his parents.

That’s when the questions started. I never had the courage to ask what I needed to ask and sometimes felt like my whole life was a lie just to make being adopted “ok”. This is where the damage set in.

I always felt different and odd and so tried to make up for it by being somewhat vibrantly outlandish, this became my greatest nemesis. Friends peeled of like the skins of a banana, fast and furiously and before I knew it I was labeled as a crazy red head with a severe drinking problem.

Never once did people stop to realize it was because I had this 10 ton weight on my shoulders and how dreadfully lonely I was. So I numbed the pain with years and years of severe binge drinking and alcoholism.

This damaged my relationship with my children beyond repair and threw my marriage into a co-dependant cycle of Anarchy and Mayhem.

My dear mother on her deathbed made me promise to find out about who I really was and about my path. I was instructed by my dear friend to seek out a meeting with Anname Coetzee from True Awakenings.

When our eyes locked for the first time I knew this credibly warm and passionate woman was the key to my life and my path.

She has unraveled and answered everything I ever wanted to know and has coached me sympathetically and firmly to guide me to a brand new understanding of who I am and my life.

I have never been so at peace and never felt so normal as I do now. I have never felt so empowered to take control of my life as I do now.

I am forever indebted to Anname for freeing me from my chains.

I look forwards to having a long and deeply rewarding relationship with Anname and True Awakenings going forwards to unwrapping the new me.




It seems like a lifetime ago that I began this journey to myself. Below is the email correspondence that started it all for me.I look back now and it feels like it was someone else entirely that started visiting you every Tuesday. I was hopelessly exhausted from living a life that didn’t feel like was authentically mine and I felt like all of life was caving in on me but today I stand tall with my shoulders back. Living authentically from the inside out and it is all thanks to the wonderful, equipping life coaching program offered at True Awakenings.

In this period I have experienced many highs and many lows and Anneme was there to coach me through it all as well as provide me with Methodological tools to apply to all of life’s scenarios so that I can enjoy my life more. The program has even enhanced my understanding of God the Father and my spiritual journey because coming from a very spiritual background, I professed many things without understanding them and as a result would experience fleeting breakthroughs. But now I understand that in order to worship God in spirit, I dare not neglect His creation which is ME. This journey has helped me do that and I now understand that every part of me is equally important (SPIRIT, SOUL/MIND & BODY). In this program I primarily dealt with my SOUL/MIND and this has had a ripple effect or impact on both my SPIRIT & my BODY. I know that my life will not be the same again.

After a life of living from everyone else’s definitions of who I am and what I should be, I have at last truly awakened to myself and unleashing my inner diva to help me live the life I was always meant to live. May God richly bless and increase you more and more J Stay blessed!


The Passionate Diva

Sometimes you just need someone to help you gain clarity and perspective so that you can take responsibility for your own life and you can elevate yourself to a higher standard of living. Anneme’s guidance and NLP methods have totally transformed my life. There is no more “noise” – my thinking is completely controlled, I am now able to focus on what I want in my life without attracting what I don’t want.

Anneme’s guidance has helped me change my own life. I am clear about what I want and am no longer afraid to ask for it as I believe I deserve it. I know my own worth, respect myself and no longer allow people or situations to take advantage or control me. My limiting beliefs that no longer serve me has been erased and I feel like a brand new version of myself. My self confidence is at its highest.

I have learned to respect other peoples models of the world and this helps to elevate your relationships as I now am able to listen and understand how and why someone else behaves/thinks the way they do without judging them. Sometimes I even take a look at my “model of the world” and tweak it as I learn from others. 

I have learned to stick to my morals and my values and never to “settle” for any less no matter what as I deserve the best and know that only that will fulfill me completely.

Anneme’s help and guidance have totally lifted me into a higher state of being and I recommend that EVERYONE that wants to be completely fulfilled and wants to transform their lives bless themselves with the “gift” of Anneme’s coaching. You won’t look back.

November 2012

Mela Arnold

What an amazing journey it has been.

I remember starting the program because I had lost hope with myself, my life & I didn’t know what to do next. With Anneme’s guidance and support throughout the program I can now call myself a confident woman who is excited about every aspect of my life.

Anneme has showed me the beauty of life and the happiness it can possess, be it in your family life, career or basically life in general. 

The program has helped me release the ghosts of my past, understand where I am currently in my life and equipped me with the tools to achieve anything I want in the future.

Keshmee Maharaj

Dear Anneme

Thank you so much for the most wonderful 16 week journey that we have taken together. From the very first time we met – over some tears, I knew that you had my best interest at heart and that I could trust you to take me to a new place in my life’s journey.

So …. what has the last 16 weeks meant to me. I feel that I have been able to let go of so many limiting beliefs that I had built up over the years and to set some wonderful new goals!

I am excited about the year ahead and I know I will be able to achieve great things in my financial, spiritual and physical areas of my life. The investment, time + money, was MORE than worth anything I could ever have imagined and I now have powerful tools to keep me on track!

Lots of Love

Ailsa Boyd

Ek het ontdek “The world is my Oyster” en dat alles binne my beheer is. “Positive thinking” is soos ‘n magneet vir sukses en ‘n gelukkige/fulfilling lewe! Met ‘n klein bietjie werk en motivering van my kant af het die lewe wat ek wil lewe, my leefstyl geraak.

Elke situasie en uitdaging wat ek tegemoed kom, kan ek besluit hoe ek dit wil interpreteer/opvat en dit in ‘n positiewe situasie omskep.

Ek lewe ‘ligter’ en die ‘gewiggies’ van skuld en negatiewe emosies is verwyder van my skouers af.

Dankie Anneme & True Awakenings dat ek elke dag ‘n Carpe Diem dag beleef. Ek versprei verseker die antwoord(True Awakenings) as mense wonder of my snaaks aankyk oor my oorlopende positiewiteit en liefde vir die lewe!

January 2013

Rolanie Snyman

After fairly extensive research and practice of “mind power” techniques and exercises, I found myself continuously reverting to old habits and thought processes. I was referred to Anneme by a very good friend who I have known for many years and who knows me well. He referred me because he knew what I was practicing and researching.

Anneme was on the same page as me completely and we both spoke the same language. Although the difference was I now had someone to guide and teach me how best to use the tools that I was trying before with varying levels of success. It helped to have her experience and objectivity which showed me things that I could not see subjectively myself. It feels as if the process, that was frustrating me before, was now complete and understandable.

Ryan Flemming

Dear Anneme

Thank you for giving my child back. She has had a complete turnaround in attitude, and is now a delightful child. You have helped her to trust again and get over all her fears. These fears were distorting her personality and hindering our relationship. I have learned so much from you, especially as regards parenting.

I thank you for everything and have highly recommended you to everyone I have spoken to.

Kathryn-Anne Maroun

(Zinnie's mom)

My very first time sitting in the chair I was doubtful and terrified! I believed that the results I was promised were unrealistic and would take years to achieve but it took me 8 days(hours) of talking to Anneme!

I honestly can’t believe how I have changed and everybody important to me have noticed it too. I can honestly say that the first session is scary but it is totally worth it because I am a changed and confident person now! But it could NEVER have been done without this program but especially without Anneme!

Zinnie Maroun - 11 yrs old

Having started the program with a slight apprehension, I was immediately put at ease by Anneme. Not only did she explain the process in depth but she also allowed me to talk freely and explain how I felt. The entire process was extremely life changing. I am leaving (back to America) with a better grasp of myself and have the tools I believe that will help me succeed in all areas of my life. And even though my programme was completed in such a short space of time, I feel I truly bonded with Anneme and I know that if at any point in my future that if I’m struggling with something or hit a road block, that I can contact her for guidance. After 6 weeks I really feel like the better version of who I’m truly supposed to be and I’m beyond grateful for having this experience. THANK YOU!

January 2013

Katherine Dalton

Annemee, i feel emotional as i am typing, because i am reflecting on the journey i embarked on when i decided to take the bull by its horns and get “Truly awakened”. I put off writing this testimonial for so long, i have no idea why. That shrivelled up person you met on our 1st session together, has bloomed faster than the speed of light. As the sessions progressed, i was waiting for this huge moment, an explosion or an epiphany of some sorts, and it didn’t happen and i thought something was wrong, but i learnt it was not wrong, what was wrong, was that i had  a preconceived idea as to how the sessions would play out and what i would gain. I learnt that all i had to do was let go, and let the light in, everything will happen the way it’s meant to, it was not for me to force the outcome of this journey, it was for me to learn, to grow, to acknowledge all the goodness in my life and in life itself. I have come into my own again, full circle,  i cannot begin to express how grateful and blessed i feel and am because of you. You kept saying to me, it was always me that made the difference, it was me whom i need to say thank you too, but without you, would i have achieved what i have? Would i have felt peace and contentment within myself? Would my relationships have changed with my family? Would my relationships have changed with my peers etc? Would i have started dancing classes, something i wanted to do since 7 or 8 years ago? The answer is NO. I would never have had the courage, conviction and faith to do so if it was not for you. I believe that we are surrounded by earth Angels whom we meet for reasons, reasons sometimes unbeknown to ourselves, you are indeed a beautiful Earth Angel and i have had the privilege to meet  you and you have irrevocably changed my life forever. I have become a conscious human being who is actually “living” life  and who is present in every moment. I thank you for sharing a part of you with me, it helped me share my deepest parts with you and to open up and be.  I will be eternally grateful and blessed for the way in which you have helped me and steered my ship back onto the right course….the course of greatness.  As you say “I applaud your commitment to life..” I say, “i applaud you for your commitment to me as an individual” Words will never be enough…..

I met Anneme at one of “those” networking breakfasts. I’ve always had my doubts about them, which as my subconscious only allowed me to doubt, they would never really have helped me that much in my own particular marketing…maybe I should speak to my subconscious about that! Anyway, Anneme stood out for me, but I let it sink in at first, having seen and met many life coaches before.

After about 2-3 weeks of pondering I met with Anneme and grilled her about her strategy and what she could offer me and how she could help. I was familiar with Life coach methods and was looking for something different. What I can say: I found it!

The process Anneme took me through was far deeper than any counselor, psychiatrist, business coach can take you. She will take you through your journey as far back and as far forward as you want. I was completely in control of everything, although, Anneme was the engine driving me forward. The skills I have learned has revolutionized my life, my business, my health. I cannot think how to recommend this to someone without almost boasting about what I have achieved since meeting Anneme and starting in about November 2012.

Being an entrepreneur, I am driven by results. Not only have the results spoken for themselves but the softer things that we too often forget, like health, happiness, a smile on your face 24/7, energy, love have naturally and on their own, become my foremost traits of my character. This in turn has helped me achieve significant abundance and success at home, with my wife, where it just seems like she trusts me and understands me for the first time in our 7 year relationship. We really, deeply love each other. Our relationship is balanced, love filled-cup  over-flowing filled. My daughters and I…well I now am their Daddy, their hero. We connect so easily. I am with them in the morning and in the evening. The changes in my lifestyle, have given me only benefits by looking after my little princesses and living up to the responsibility that God gave me, when He gave me them as my gifts.

My work is something I am extremely passionate about and it just seems easier. I work hard and all day, which you have to do, but my days are fulfilling, easy, my customers appreciate what I do for them and make decisions quickly and the benefit to them, by having me like this, is that there is no stress to the business process. My respect at work has grown on its own. I am no longer, just a guy that has potential, but am a pillar of strength, a beacon of hope and a target for the younger people here, just the way I used to target our Director.

I focus on what I want out of life, how it feels to have it already, and then live it out. It’s amazing how good it feels doing it. I implore you to do the same.

Don’t give Anneme a chance…give yourself a chance with Anneme.

Roland Suttie

After getting divorced in 2008 and my employment contract being cancelled during the recession, my life plummeted even further into a downward spiral. I lost my family, my work, my place to stay and found myself unemployed, single, vehicle less, broke, friendless and sleeping in my sister garage.

I began looking desperately for some type of permanent work when the food started running out and, after being through what I imagine hell to be like; in June 2010 I applied for 186 jobs via my Blackberry as I did not even have a computer or even transport or money to go to a job interview.

I landed an amazing job and started on the 1st July 2010 which completely changed the world I had lived in for almost 2 years, however still found that I was “stuck” in a rut, not knowing what goals I wanted after the devastation I had caused and whether it would last. I had heard about Life Coaching but had never really investigated further until one day I stopped at a traffic light and there on a wall to my left was a banner introducing True Awakenings Life Coaching. I texted my relevant details and was contacted by Anneme within 10 minutes. From the moment of that call, my life began to change.

I walked in to Anneme’s office a lost and broken person, hammered by life’s lessons and had no answers. Within 12 weeks, I had found new love, escalated myself to one of the top salesman in the multi-billion Rand business I work for now and had got myself an incredible apartment on some of the most amazing coastline in KZN with views to die for. I bought myself a BMW and made an entire new group of awesome friends!

I feel blessed and honored to be the person I have become and strive to improve myself and my life everyday. I am motivated, goal driven and most of all liked for who I am which is my biggest achievement considering I didn’t even like myself then!

It only takes a call and faith in yourself to change your world. It was my best decision yet and can be yours too!

Anneme, words can’t describe how your care, dedication and commitment has changed my life. You are inspirational, dynamic and change the world for better, every day… Thank you will never be enough…

Shane Watson

Imagine… you are in the year 2066 and scientists have invented a commercially available human scanning machine that explodes and drives out all the negative molecules/energy from your mind and body and rejuvenates you with pure, positive energy.  On the final scan the machine engraves into your minds program chip, the words “I am what I wish” …how good would it feel to start a fresh, keeping with you all life’s tools and experience knowing that you can achieve anything you desire?  That scanner is called True awakenings.

This program is not some sort of magic quest nor is the coach some sort of wizard that miraculously makes all your problems disappear.  It is a program based on factual conditioning and experience. It’s about teaching your mind to throw out your negative beliefs and achieve whatever it is you would like to do in life.  Anneme has an amazing ability to extend her exuberant energy making you feel at total ease whilst comfortably realizing your own full potential. The process is uplifting, inspiring and most certainly life changing. I would recommend the true awakenings program to anyone who is in favor of positive Change.

December 2012

Andy Cartwright

“I completely enjoyed my time with Anneme as a coach! Her warm and caring nature made it easy for me to open my heart and mind to new and positive thoughts and feelings. I highly recommend her, and expect any of her clients will have a wonderful and life-changing experience!”

June Halliday

I would like you to take the challange and jump into the oppertunity to find out more about who you are – don’t be afraid of the process or Anneme and her label of the programm – just go with the flow…

She is understanding, empathetic; she listens and hears what you are saying. I would highly recommend that you take on this challange with yourself and go through the process…it’s a start to a whole new chapter in your life!

December 2012

Val Logan-Davis

The best part of the process for me was to be able to learn new ways of improving myself, the foundation of growth. I would definitely suggest doing this as I benefited from it extremely. I learnt a lot overall and anyone is capable of achieving anything!

November 2012

Mike Gunther

“Thank you so much Anneme for an amazing and life changing journey. I feel the positive changes and happiness without any major effort from my side. I am truely grateful and smoke free!”

November 2012

Mary Maynard

“When I started this journey I was filled with anger, frustration, low self-esteem and now this process has completely changed me; given me a new life. I have found my true self. I love life, I love everything about it. This is the missing link that I was looking for. Thank you so much!”

November 2012

Sanitha Davenarian

“Thank you Anneme for your assistance in helping me deal with some of those silly things (well, in hindsight and with your help they seem silly) that have helped me to un-stick myself and look forward with direction rather than backward with fear. Your attention to detail, genuine concern and empathy are doubtless great contributors to your on-going Coaching success.”

Thank you again. Gavin

“Insist on yourself. Never imitate. Ralph Waldo Emerson”

You are an Inspiration. The Gift you give is truly the ultimate gift that can never stop giving. The abundance of life and its endless opportunity is limitless. Thank You for showing me the way

September 2012

Sandra Williams

“Before I met Anneme and started my new journey, my “Happy Life” was everyone else’s happiness except my own. Through this process with True Awakenings, I have learned about myself and my own happiness. For anyone looking to improve themselves or their outlook on life, I recommend this course!”

October 2012

Ian Hildebrandt

“Thank you Anneme for your assistance in helping me deal with some of those silly things (well, in hindsight and with your help they seem silly) that have helped me to un-stick myself and look forward with direction rather than backward with fear. Your attention to detail, genuine concern and empathy are doubtless great contributors to your on-going Coaching success.”

Thank you again. Gavin

“About 6 months ago(July 2010) I had the honor of meeting Anneme and she joined me on my life journey and she showed me things about myself that I had forgotten and taught me new lessons about life and I use the tools from those lessons daily. I’m grateful to Anneme for shining a light in a dark room and making a difference in my life. Thank you for being a part of my journey. I’m truly blessed to know you.”

Margi Saayman

“I have had the pleasure of working with Anneme, and what an extraordinary experience that was. She has a tremendous way of dealing with people. Anneme had faith in me when I did not, and she has a way of presenting the information that I needed in just the right way so that it totally set in, and was totally understood. I am grateful for having met Anneme, who has helped bring clarity to a once clouded mind. Thank you for the experiences that you have shared in my life. Leaving you in Love, Light & Prosperity.”

Lee Marques

“I have recently had the pleasure of working alongside Anneme Coetzee over a period of time. 
I confidently recommend Anneme to clients who want to create a better life with longlasting change. She is very competent, kind, caring and honest and her positive attitude and zest for life resonate well with her clients.”

Lana Herman

I remember driving up Broadway one day when I saw the True Awakenings advert on the wall.   I was in such an unsettled and confusing place in my life but its true that I was meant to be there and meant to see that sign on that day.   That was the first step of my journey.   Sharing how I’m feeling and what I’m struggling with has never been my strong point.  To proud maybe because I had always seen it as a weakness.    I remember in some of my earlier sessions of the program, finding it terribly hard not to cry.   And I would try my absolute best to stop my tears from spewing.    I’m not great with showing my emotion even with those closest to me & Anneme would tell me to let it go and not to hold it back.   But really, I hardly knew her and sobbing uncontrollably in front of her would just not be cool.   But by the end of my 3 month program, it was unusual if I didn’t end up bawling, even on my happy days!   I couldn’t wait to get to my sessions just so that I could finally let it all come out!  

 One of my biggest frustrations at the beginning was that I kept feeling like all that we were doing was just supposed to fix everything and I would be able to walk out a new person.  Then I’d have a bad day and feel like I was failing all over again.   But the most important thing I learnt along the way was that there may still be hard days, but I have all the tools to help me now and guide me towards a better and stronger place, and knowing that,  gives me the confidence I had absolutely none of when I first started.    One of the ladies in my office keeps saying how if ever there was anyone to make her believe in a life coach and one as incredible as Anneme, it’s me.   She watched me struggle and struggle at the beginning and is astounded by how far I’ve come since meeting Anneme.   I’m the one giving her the shoulder to cry on these days and offering advice.    I have a new focus on my life.  And more motivation, drive & commitment than I’ve ever had.   My priorities are clear and I know that I have to put myself first.     There are still going to be tough times but I know without a doubt that I’m going to make it to that place of my dreams.   I’ve started that journey already.    I didn’t only gain tremendous strength, confidence, power , knowledge and belief in myself and my life through the program,  I met someone that I know will continue to have an amazing impact on my journey and my future.   I found an amazing woman and friend that I know will be a part of my life forever.  That’s one of the best gifts of all.  

Thank you Anneme for meeting you.  

Samantha Hollins


Dear Anneme,

It gives me great pleasure to be doing this testimonial. I actually don’t know where to start.

I had no direction, I didn’t love myself, I kept throwing myself into relationships that were in the end, self destruction….I felt I was living a life that didn’t make me happy and seemed to actually  make my life more miserable.. Then there was my career…..seemed like a loosing battle…….read my story…..(Candice Cooke)

Almost 6 months ago I was another person so far removed from where I am today. I was a very broken woman, In all areas of my life. A total loss of Confidence was being a key part in my downfall. I began to realise that it was because I didn’t love myself and didn’t think very much of myself at all. I only realised this after learning so many valuable lessons Very soon after seeing Anneme,, actually without me even realising at first. I started breaking off the layers slowly but surely and the incredible changes in me started unfolding and one by one my co-workers, family and friends started noticing the changes in me. Finally I knew what the true meaning of abundance meant! Here they were telling me how they could not believe the changes in me….the confidence, the sparkle in my eyes, the joy and the excitement!!! Most important of all is the incredible change in ME! Never in my dreams did I believe in myself enough that I would be here now typing this testimonial with so much gratitiude and over-welming emotions of joy spilling over, that I cannot possibly control what I am feeling right now! And I was told by Anneme, when I walked through the door of her office the first time, I quote: ‘You will not recognise yourself when we are done here….’ And you will be the ‘Candy” that you were always supposed to be’. To be honest, I was in such a dark place, those words were pretty much an echo far in the distance….but I have never forgotten them.  I felt I had no one to turn to and felt I could no longer take another step forward or open my eyes in the morning to continue with life. Fortunately I have beautiful daughter which made me not want to give up on life, and truthfully, I didn’t want to give up on ME. I took the plunge and start with an info session (to this day, it is still a blur!!) and here was someone that listened to EVERY word that came out my mouth and genuially wanted to help me…this is important – help me –  help myself. I have learnt now, no one can do that, except you! But with Anneme’s experience expertise, her loving and professional nature, you WILL be exactly what she said to me when I walked through her door almost 6 months ago.

If you want to change your life completely and want to realise your goals and your full potential, I suggest you contact Anneme .  Perhaps you have lost yourself along the way…. I found that Anneme guided me in the right direction in achieving my goals in life. There is one word of advise  I can give you –  you really have to want to change your life and make a huge effort. Then you will see the results.  I am so enriched with my life right now and my life is so full  that I cannot remember the last time I dwelled on my past and the sadness and emptiness that I used to feel that brought me to True Awakenings in the first place!

You won’t regret it, there is no price tag on happiness!! That’s all I can say!!

You will NEVER look back………18 October 2012

Candice Cooke