Are you ready to take your NLP skills to the next level?

Course: NLP Master Practitioner certificate
Certification: Internationally accredited NLP Practitioner certificate


As a NLP Practitioner, you already know that NLP is one of the most practical and powerful tools you can use.  As a Master Practitioner, you will learn advanced NLP practices and basic Quantum Physics that will  help you deepen your skills and knowledge in pursuit of mastery with NLP.


Course Content

    • NLP Communication Model
    • The Learning State
    • State vs Goal
    • Quantum Linguistics
    • Embedded Commands
    • Inductive and Deductive Language
    • Advanced Presuppositions
    • NLP Negotiation Model
    • Advanced Meta Model
    • Advanced Milton Model
    • Meta Model III
    • Decision Destroyer
    • Going beyond Boundaries
    • Linguistic re-sourcing
    • De-identification Pattern
    • Linguistic Parts Integration
    • Values
    • Organization of hierarchy
    • Corporate Value Alignment
    • Advanced Values and Beliefs
    • Advanced Parts Integration
    • Meta Programs
    • The Complex Meta Program
    • Discovering the direction filter
    • Training Design
    • The 4-MAT system
    • Advanced NLP Patterns
    • Modeling
    • Sleight of Mouth Patterns
    • Reality Strategy
    • Advanced Strategies
    • Installing or chaining anchors
    • Advanced Strategy Elicitation
    • The Six levels of a relationship
    • Common Stressors
    • Creating ultimate relationship
    • 3 Dimensions of relationships
    • Pain Paradigm
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Hypnotic Patterns
    • Ericksonian Induction
    • Multiple Embedded Metaphors