A change in thought can lead to a change in life

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We help you find the resources inside yourselves to start creating the results you want in every area of your life

Whether you know it or not, we’re all unconsciously creating our own future. But if the results in life are not what you want… then you have to learn how to create them differently. It all starts with understanding how we make certain things happen… and fail to make others happen.

Most people leave conscious creation to chance. They never spend any time or effort finding out how they create the results in their lives. They just live by default without any knowledge of the process… in turn leaving their finances, relationships, health or well-being to chance!

But your life is too important to be left to chance.

What would your life look like if you could eliminate unnecessary fear and procrastination…

What would it sound like if your internal voice was more of a supporter than a critic…

How would you feel if you knew you had the power to achieve your desires and goals…

What if it could all make sense and you knew what to do next…

The Personal Breakthrough Program

A Personal Breakthrough Experience is a comprehensive, structured, client-focused program.

The program is designed to unpack the deeper structure of the presenting problem, unpacking limiting beliefs and behaviors, identify core values, address accumulated emotional anchors and more. It is a collaborative relationship to empower you with the skills to maintain the momentum once the program has been completed. You’ll be learning how to re-frame, reshape and restructure your language and build new neural pathways to achieve your goals.

Sessions are customized and structured around your unique and specific needs and vary depending on the presenting problem.

First Phase:

Assessment phase – can be up to 40% of the program. 
The more clarity and understanding I have about what is in unconscious programming, the easier and quicker the intervention phase would be.

Second Phase:

Intervention Phase
This is the practical change work. Specific techniques will be chosen based on the information from the assessment phase.

Third Phase:

Future & Goals
Here we will assess that your values are aligned toward your goals and re-align if needed. Goals and action steps will be re-defined and made specific and clear to ensure the successful achievement thereof

Life Coaching can assist with:  Relationship Challenges Weight-loss Anger Management Phobias Anxiety Stress management Time Management Parenting challenges

Just Imagine…

What would it be like when you are…?

  • A confident individual who enjoys life to the full
  • Open to discovering some empowering beliefs that support you in achieving what you want
  • Able to easily control your emotional state in any situation with instant access to positive resources
  • Able to let go of all those old fears, phobias and insecurities
  • In a position where you can easily remove doubts and limiting beliefs and replace them with thinking that will get you positive results instead
  • Able to learn how to heal and let go of the past

If you want to experience a one-on-one PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH, then this program is for you.


Coaching is also used for but not limited to some of the following:

Accepting change, adaptability issues, anger management, career development, change of position,commitment issues, communicating emotions, communication issues, company/business or personal positioning, confidence, conflicts and conflict resolution, cultural differences, decision making, emotional intelligence, feeling left out or left behind, gender communication, language precision, leadership competencies, learning issues, meditation, modelling for excellence, motivation(self and others), negotiation skills, nervousness, organization skills, performance enhancement, personal organization, presentation skills, process coaching, procrastination, project planning, relationship issues, role issues, self-esteem, social skills, stage fright or negative emotions, stress management, test anxiety, time management, trauma release, work-life balance, selling strategies etc.

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