Most people leave conscious creation to chance. They never spend any time or effort finding out how they create the results in their lives. They just live by default without any knowledge of the process… in turn leaving their finances, relationships, health or well-being to chance.

All behavior has a structure and this structure can be identified, learned, and changed. If you want to change your outside world because it doesn’t give you the results you want, you have to change your inside world, the world of your beliefs and values.

Your life is too important to be left to chance!


awaken your true potential and create the life of your dreams, today!


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East Coast Radio

I would highly recommend this course to any organisation that is serious about investing in its people and see the added benefit of improved performance. The course covers both teamwork as well as individual sessions. Individuals are enabled to overcome their challenges/fears/anxieties which results in personal growth and development. This has a positive effect in the work-place where the perceived barriers to success are removed, resulting in improved bottom-line results. This we have witnessed as well as a positive lift in morale within my team. They are encouraged to challenge their perception and put goals and actions in place to get the results they desire.

Cheryl Wheeler

Commercial Manager – East Coast Radio

Hawker Media

In my experience as both a sales trainer and sports coach, individuals seldom outperform or underperform their self-image for very long. Regardless of what new skills, techniques and processes individuals learn, their self-image eventually regulates behaviours and outcomes to fall within the range of self-expectation. Adjusting your staff’s self-image is at the core of them improving performance, enjoyment and fulfilment in their roles.

I have seen first hand the impact Anneme is having working with individuals to adjust their self-image. Her training and expertise in identifying what self-limiting beliefs individuals have and how they can go about resetting these beliefs have a direct impact on their performance. It’s a simple principle, yet requires complex analysis. Anneme has a nonjudgmental warmth and understanding that nurtures clients into forming new, more empowering beliefs.

Anneme is very gifted at allowing people to let down their guard, identify the beliefs that no longer serve them, and opens them up to the process of change. Anneme can add significant value to any company wise enough to appreciate the impact of self-worth and the role it plays in the success of their organisation.

Roy Hawker
Director- Hawker Media


I have always been a confident & successful person.  I was called to coaching and had an interesting journey to start with Anneme and cannot believe the positive changes in my life in such a short time. I have a successful business and am now expanding the revenue stream and going back to areas I only dreamt I could work in.  I am opening a Wellness & Career coaching business and cannot wait to take it to great heights.  I can’t wait to become a part of Anneme’s dream to heal the world.

Jenny Reid
CEO – iFacts

Andy Cartwright

Imagine… you are in the year 2066 and scientists have invented a commercially available human scanning machine that explodes and drives out all the negative molecules/energy from your mind and body and rejuvenates you with pure, positive energy.  On the final scan the machine engraves into your mind’s program chip, the words “I am what I wish” …how good would it feel to start a fresh, keeping with you all life’s tools and experience knowing that you can achieve anything you desire?  That scanner is called True awakenings.

This program is not some sort of magic quest nor is the coach some sort of wizard that miraculously makes all your problems disappear.  It is a program based on factual conditioning and experience. It’s about teaching your mind to throw out your negative beliefs and achieve whatever it is you would like to do in life.  Anneme has an amazing ability to extend her exuberant energy making you feel at total ease whilst comfortably realizing your own full potential. The process is uplifting, inspiring and most certainly life-changing. I would recommend the true awakenings program to anyone who is in favor of positive Change.

June Halliday

“I completely enjoyed my time with Anneme as a coach! Her warm and caring nature made it easy for me to open my heart and mind to new and positive thoughts and feelings. I highly recommend her, and expect any of her clients will have a wonderful and life-changing experience!”

Katherine Dalton

Having started the program with a slight apprehension, I was immediately put at ease by Anneme. Not only did she explain the process in depth but she also allowed me to talk freely and explain how I felt. The entire process was extremely life-changing. I am leaving (back to America) with a better grasp of myself and have the tools I believe that will help me succeed in all areas of my life. And even though my program was completed in such a short space of time, I feel I truly bonded with Anneme and I know that if at any point in my future that if I’m struggling with something or hit a road block, that I can contact her for guidance. After 6 weeks I really feel like the better version of who I’m truly supposed to be and I’m beyond grateful for having this experience. THANK YOU!


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is a highly effective methodology based on the principle that all behavior has a structure and that this structure can be identified, learned, and changed. NLP is the study of these patterns and is designed to add flexibility, effectiveness, and ultimately choices to your life.

NLP is about how you can understand the language of your own mind to produce outstanding outcomes. If you want to change your outside world because it doesn’t give you the results you want, you have to change your inside world, the world of your beliefs and values.

When you combine the power of language and utilize it to communicate more effectively not only internally toward yourself, but also externally towards the people you interact with on a day-to-day basis, then you create the results you desire in your life. This will empower you to now start achieving your desired outcomes and results successfully and in a way that can be maintained.



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